Silver Lining or Stood Behind the Line?

Many people put themselves forward, getting themselves out there, which I’m sure is great for a while at minimum. However what about those people who are overlooked. The ones who stand back and let the others move forward. Letting them push their way through the mud, to become nailed into the soil. Whilst little old them keep ploughing through each day hoping encouragement will come their way. But when they don’t get it, they’re just that little bit more lost in the place they thought had the impossibility of being reality. The reality which of course is the hyperreality in which we all now live.

So we assume standing behind the line is for the best.

So many times you could run, jump, hide and scream those silent noises nobody hears no matter how loud the volume of your self-intoxicating scream may be. No matter how much blood rushes to your brain in a panic, because you feel like time is running out.       So you just stand, blur out and sit. Whilst the emotions transition into the statue you’ve always avoided being. Then it hits you. Point blank square in the face. How can you run away from being something, you already are?

Sat in the corner, wishing you could be the one to surprise and make people feel strength through courage. Walking tall, with notes flying high and harmonies smiling.

When someone believes in you, you believe. Forced out of the corner, with faith in yourself. Because they are there. They taught you to only rely on yourself. So when they can’t be there, you will be okay. Except when they aren’t around as much you forget a little bit. Sit back and wait for your break, rather than going to grab it yourself. Then you realise by doing so, you go against what that one person taught you. Be brave. Question everything. Be honest.

They were the only person to show you your true worth. Bringing it back when it was at risk of being lost. They don’t waste  their time on worthless people. Just because you may not see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. To make yourself proud is actually making the one person who you want to make the proudest, proud.

I won’t let you down.


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