Forever Unfinished

Sometimes, it’s not what happens, or what’s said about it, it’s how each person perceives the happenings. Have you ever told a story so many times, just because you can’t quite make sense of it. Everybody has already heard it, but still, they listen. The end always remains unfinished. Yet every time you tell the story, you feel a tiny bit closer to the end. Well this time, I’m determined to get there.

One day, will be the day I find all the answers I need. Until that day, I’m going to have to sit back and watch the game unfold. Sometime ago, someone very important in my life told me, ‘If you can’t win the game, don’t bother playing it’. However, maybe some games are worth watching. Just to observe who has the warmest of all smiles, when they have the most properties within monopoly, compared to who always had the ace from the start of chase the ace.


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