A Shattered Continuation

*Glass shattering* Tammy awakens with shock, with the intake of the sharp air piercing her lungs, like a pin to a balloon. With every exhale deflating her body, draining her white. She calms. Slowly and silently she climbs out of comfort to search what should be already known, however something feels different, something feels as if everything had changed. Is it possible to be looking at something that still remains the same, yet you know that it is far from the truth?

There she goes – shivering. Eyes as wide as they could be. Afraid to miss even the tiniest of details to give away a hint of the goings on. Tammy is stood, frozen before the bathroom door. It’s been 10 minutes since the shattering. She pushes the door with one finger, almost facing the opposite way. A few steps in and she views the newly smashed mirror broken – yet still held in place.

“How? This is not possible. Is it? It can’t be? I mean… what?” As Tammy speaks out for her comfort she attempts to touch the mirror. Hands grab hers, smothering shards of glass into her flesh. She screams out, no screams are heard. The silent screams are as empty as the blood in her hands. Tammy desperately launches for the door, as she runs the lights on the walls go out one by one as she passes. Down the stone stairs, through the dining room, out of the front door. She slams the door, holding onto the handle, despite forcing the glass further into her body, she kneels. Panting for breath, eyes clammed shut.

She lets go, steps down from the wooden steps which lead to this historic home. She turns around, open her eyes into this new bewildering black void of darkness – being her new way of life. She looks back at the house, which she can see as clear as day, hence why the frustration is pressing down on her thoughts, almost as if turning them to dust. She looks to the bathroom window. Staring. Into her eyes, a black figure, with a morphed face – smiling – as if happy in misery. Fading away, leaving the eyes. Tammy begins to walk away into the darkness – feeling that burning desire of eyes on her. Faster and faster she walks. Running as being chased, when in fact nothing was behind her. She was already traveling towards it, without the light, how could she know. She sees her family home in the distance, surrounded in the blackness. Sprinting up the path, towards the door, bursting in. Everything is the same, the television in the corner, the stone fire in the middle of the wall, the red sofas opposite the fire, with the arm chair facing the window.


Her Mom (she automatically assumed) must have been playing the piano in the dining room, as she could hear a beautiful melody coming from that direction. She walks through, with her eyes smiling. No piano. No sign of life. Stood in the doorway between the dining room and the lounge, she turns. She turns into the corridor before the bathroom door from the house where she had run from. She observes her clean, unbroken skin on her palms. Stood in the very place, she had finally managed to escape from.

“No. I just. How?”

*Glass shattering*



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